See Robert Wells (generation 6) for discussion of a DNA study that was used to establish our Wells lineage out to generation 9.  Two articles on the subject were published in the Wall Street Journal on March 7, 2003.   They are:
     Surname DNA Testing Helps Families Find Ancestral Roots
     A Reporter Uses DNA Method To Find His Own Family Roots

We need some photos of our ancestors, preferably as young men and women, in order to add them to the genealogy. We’ll return them after scanning of course.  In particular, Scallorn (Robert/Francis) and McDonald (Mary, John T.) photos would be appreciated. Also, any other family group photos would be helpful. Contact WebMaster if you have something.

If you want to contribute a biography for one of the aunts and uncles shown (in black) on the Ancestors page, and you are comfortable with Microsoft Word or can prevail on someone who is, then click Biography Template and follow the instructions at the bottom.

Several members of our family have joined the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT), by tracing their lineage back to Stephen W. Scallorn.  This lineage is now on file with the DRT, which makes it much easier for other family members who might wish to join.   If you are female, age 16+, and are descended from an ancestor marked with the symbol, you can join by showing your lineage back to that ancestor (only) using birth, death and marriage certificates, and simply reference the DRT archives to document the rest of the way back to Stephen W. Scallorn. If you’re interested, contact your local DRT chapter registrar, or WebMaster for more information.