Robert Wells 1814-1890+

DNA Verified Ancestry

[9] William Wells (b. 1702 Pr. George Co., Virginia, d1767+ Virginia?)

[9] m. Frances Barker

                        [8] David Wells Sr. (b. 23 Nov 1730, Pr. George Co., Virginia,

d. ~1799 in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia)

            [8] m. Susanna ?

                                    [7] David Wells, Jr. (b. ~1764, Lunenburg Co., Virginia,

                                                d. 6 February 1843, Culleoka, Maury Co., Tennessee)

                                                m. 11 October 1799 at Allen's Creek, Mecklenburg Co., Virginia to

                                    [7] Nancy Garrott (b. ~1775 Virginia, d. ~1819, Maury Co., Tennessee)

                                                [6] Robert Wells (b. ~1814, Mecklenburg Co., Virginia,

                                                            d. 1890+, Bastrop County, Texas)

                        [8] Thomas Garrott (b. 6 Dec 1730, British Parrish, Va., d. 1816, M'burg Co., Va)

            [9] John Garrett (b. 1690 in Amelia Co., Va., d May 1744 in Amelia Co., Va.)

            m. 1717 in Virginia to

            [9] Susannah Burton (b. 1695 in Henrico Co., Va., d. Sep 1751 in Amelia Co., Va.)

                        (see below for ancestry information on Susannah Burton)


The paternal lineage from [9] William Wells through [2] Richard A. Wells was verified by DNA testing performed by Relative Genetics, Inc. of Salt Lake City, as part of a study jointly sponsored by Brigham Young University and the Wells Family Research Association.  This study matched the DNA composition of test participants (all participants were males with Wells surnames).  Comparisons were made between them to establish any common paternal ancestors (and at what generation); matches to individuals with well-documented lineages were then made.


For example, there are living Wells individuals in Mecklenburg County, Virginia who can document definitively their ancestry to [8] David Wells Sr.  The DNA of [2] Richard A. Wells matched these Mecklenburg Wells individuals to the extent that [8] David Wells Sr. was established as a common ancestor.  A separate match later established that [9] William Wells was in fact the father of [8] David Wells Sr., thus confirming the lineage from [9] William Wells through [2] Richard A. Wells.


Continuing tests are being undertaken with male Wells participants from the United Kingdom in an effort to trace lineages back further generations.


The family cemetery on the David Wells Sr. homestead in Mecklenburg County, Virginia was recently cleared and a marker erected (see Wells Cemetery).  Directions to the cemetery are as follows:

·         From the intersection of highways US 1 and Virginia 47 in South Hill, Virginia

·         Go approximately 12 miles west on highway 47

·         Turn right on county road 662 (Wightman Road)

·         Go approximately 4.1 miles

·         Marker just inside treeline opposite pasture on the left (approximately 200 yds from road)



Eliza Ann Taylor 1816-1902


[9] Anthony Taylor (b. 1732 New Kent Co. Va., m. 1751, d. Dec 1781 Portsmouth, Va.)

                                    (see below for ancestry information on Anthony Taylor)

[9] Susannah Lacey (b. 6 April 1750 Virginia, m. 1751, d. unknown)

                        (see below for ancestry information on Susannah Lacey)

[8] George Taylor (b. 1754 Smith River Va., d. 1826 Henry Co., Va.)

[8] m. Rachel Worsham in 1872

[7] James E. Taylor (b. 1794 Henry Co., Va, m . 14 Aug 1815 same,

d. Nov 1872 Cherokee, Texas)

                                                [6] Eliza Ann Taylor (b. 9 Jul 1816 in Va.,

d. 21 Jan 1902 Bastrop Co., Texas)


Susannah Burton ancestry is believed to be

            [13] Francis Burton (b. England, d. unknown)

            [12] Richard Burton (b. England or Va., d. in Virginia)

                        [12] Katherine Christian (b. England or Va., d. in Virginia)

[11] Thomas Burton (b. ~1640 in Cobb, Va., d. 1 Apr 1686, Henrico Co., Va.)

                                    [11] m. Susannah Allen in 1663

[10] Abraham Burton (b. 1669 in Henrico Co., Va.,

                                                                        d. 14 Jan 1735/6, Deep Ck., Henrico Co., Va.)

                                                            [9] Susannah Burton

m. in Feb 1691/92 to

[10] Anne Featherstone (b. 1674 Henrico Co., Va.,

                                                            d. 17 Jan 1744/45, Amelia Co., Va.)

                                    [11] Charles Featherstone (b. 1637 in London, England,

                                                d. 22 August 1682, Henrico Co., Va.)


Anthony Taylor ancestry is believed to be

[13] George Taylor Sr. (b. 1615 England, d. 7 Mar 1682/83 Rappahannock Co., Va.)

[13] Rebecca Tomlin

[12] George Taylor Jr. (b. 1640, d. Richmond Co., Va.)

[12] Mary Brasseur Taylor

[11] James Taylor (b. 1676, New Kent Co., Va, d. 25 Jan 1718/19 NKCVa)

            [10] Bernard Taylor (b. 1704, NKCVa, d. 1761 Chesterfield Co., Va.)

                                    [9] Anthony Taylor

            [10] Sarah Mosley Taylor (b. 1704,  m. 1731 both NKCVa.)

 [11] Mary Gaines Taylor  (b. 1658 Rappahannock Co., Va)

[12] Daniel Gaines (b. 1614, d. ~1682, both Rappahannock Co., Va.)

[13] Thomas Gaines (b. 1584, Newton Co., Brecon, Wales, d. ~1646 Richmond Co., Va.)

[12] Margaret Bernard Gaines (b. ~1625 Kingthorpe NH, England, d. 1683+, Va.)

[13] Francis Bernard (b. 1558, d. ~1629 both Kingthorpe NH, England)

[13] Mary Woolhouse (b. ~1590 Glasswell DS Eng., d. ~1641 Kingthorpe NH, England)

        [14] Francis Bernard (b. 1526, d. 21Oct 1602 both Abington Co. NH, England)

        [14] Alice Haselwood (b. ~1534 Maidwell Co. NH, England, d. 1608 England)

    [15] John Bernard (b. 1491, d. 1549, both Abington Co. NH England)

    [15] Cecely Muscote (b. Earls Barton Co. NH England, d. 21 Sep 1557 Abington Co. NH England)

[16] John Bernard (b. 1469, Abington Co. NH England, d. 20 Aug 1508 same)

[16] Margaret Daundelyn (b. Earls Barton Co. NH England, d. Abington Co. NH England)


Susannah Lacey ancestry is believed to be

[12] Thomas Lacey Sr. (b. 1650 Wales, d. 1750 (!))

[12] Phebe (Rhuys) Rice (b. 1660, Wales)

[11] Thomas Lacey Jr. (b. 1683, New Kent Co., Va.)

[11] Ann Burnley (b. 1689, d. 1725)

[10] Nathaniel Lacey (Lacy?) (b. 1715, d. 1781 M’chstr Psh, Chesterfld Va.)

[10] Marie Bootle

 [9] Susannah Lacey