John Q. Doe 1912-1973

b. birth date and place (use day month year, e.g. 15 June 1940)

m. marriage date and place

d. death date and place



Include your biographical information.

Jane Q. Doe 1916-2001

b. birth date and place

m. marriage date and place

d. death date and place



Include your biographical information.




Instructions for creating a biography of “John Q. Doe” from this template

  1. Create a local folder somewhere on your computer named DoeJohnQ.
  2. From the File menu (of your browser) while showing this page, click Save As….
  3. In the popup Save Web Page dialog box

·         In the Save In field, browse to the DoeJohnQ folder you created

·         enter DoeJohnQ.html as the file name (note the ‘l’ in ‘html’),

·         click Save, and exit your browser.

  1. Start up Microsoft Word and from the menu bar do a File Open of the file …\DoeJohnQ\DoeJohnQ.html.
  2. From the File Menu, click Save as Web Page
  3. In the popup Save As dialog box

·         Click the Change Title button, and insert John Q. Doe for the page title, then OK.

·         Make sure the Save In field specifies your JohnDoeQ folder

·         And your File Name field contains JohnDoeQ.html

·         Click the Save button.

  1. Now edit/arrange the sample biographical information at the top of this template, as opposed to deleting and replacing it.  This will maintain a consistent paragraph and font style with existing biographies. Note that the type fonts are:

·         Main Titles (e.g. John Doe 1821-1899) are Arial Bold 16

·         Subtopic headings (e.g. Biography) are Arial Bold Italic 12.

·         Normal text is Arial Regular 10.

·         Italic text is Arial Italic 10.

8.       If you have picture(s) in .jpg file format, see Pictures topic below.  Otherwise,

9.       Delete these instructions from the Word file.

10.   From the Microsoft Word menu bar, click File Save.

11.   Test your result.  Fire up your browser and enter the local path to your file, e.g c:\…\DoeJohnQ\DoeJohnQ.html.

12.   If it works properly, send the DoeJohnQ.html file as an email attachment to the Webmaster.  If you included pictures, attach the .jpg files for them in the email as well.


If you have picture(s) to include in your biography

1.       Convert (if necessary) your pictures to .jpg file format

2.       Copy the picture .jpg files to the DoeJohnQ folder

3.       Adjust the picture attributes (e.g. brightness/contrast, cropping) using an independent image editor.  Don’t use Microsoft Word for this.

4.       Place the cursor where the picture is to be located, and from the Microsoft Word main menu bar click Insert-->Picture-->From File.

5.       In the popup Insert Picture dialog box

·         Browse to and select the .jpg picture file located in the DoeJohnQ folder

·         Click the down arrow inside the Insert button and select Link To File (don’t click the Insert button itself)

·         The picture should now appear in the document.

6.       Click (select) the picture, and drag the lower right corner around to size it as desired.

7.       From the Microsoft Word menu bar, click File Save.